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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I finally got done with all the little jobs I had to do. I took Nudles to the vet for her shot and Jack went along to get his HeartPro shot.  Pollie went along for the ride and I think just to go 'nannananan at the other dogs because she did not have anything done.  went to town to deposit checks, bought everyone a little bit at the local sonic, then drove past some of the oil wells in the neighborhood.  then to a friends to pick up some dill.  Spent a long time talking with her about every topic under the rainbow and having a great old time doing so.  I think I want to buy one of her mares and her colt.  then came home and dilled 3 quarts and 1 pint of pickles and then watered the garden.  but now that it's done I can blog.  that's all folks!!!!

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  1. Hello and lovely to meet you, Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. I will soon be making full size blankets for my shop so keep checking back. I have read your profile and also love John Denver, I love the song This Old Guitar. He died far too young xxx