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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blowing wind (everyone else got the rain) knocked down another snag on my dead pecan tree and really did a number on the fence.  something else to repair!  Put up dill cukes and some beets from the garden and finally put up the pineapple jam I found the recipe for.  Soon the okra ought to be coming on and I can get it started.  The tomatoes are doing very well and I might try to put up some green pickled tomatoes.  Sounds ghastly but I may try it for something different. 

I am going to mow the lawn today and am going to try to get the kid down the road to do the weeding.  I can mow because it is sitting but the weeding is not my cuppa.

Figs are looking very good and quite prolific.  don't know yet what I'll do with those other than fig/strawberry jam.  Maybe just can some for preserves. 

The heat of summer is here for sure.  Over 100 yesterday.  I get home and water the garden, leaving the hose running while I go inside.  Then out to feed the dogs, cat and chickens (ought to start getting eggs soon), then pick the garden and go inside to can in the AC.  Oh, I have squash going sorta well.  I at least get to eat some every other day. 

Waiting for fall and lower temps

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