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Monday, June 11, 2012

Been canning like crazy.  at least 4 pints of cukes per day and I've dried tomatoes for my daughter and canned potatoes.  My g'daughter was at the farm last weekend and we dug the potatoes, peeled them and she cut them up.  She said it would be good practice for dicing humans if the time ever came!!!  Went to Austin to deliver grands because they will be going to the water park with their auntie.   bought and put up shelves to hold my canning.  I put it in the corner of my bedroom because there is no room in the closet any longer.  too many jars.  Now that the potatoes are dug I intend to plant a little cherry pepper that my daughter wants me to pickle.  Squash is doing well and the okra is coming on and will be ready for the first pick in about a week or two.  I've gotten a new mare and her baby.  Appaloosas with really nice blankets.  The little boy is named 'Gibson'.  don't ask why because I don't know. My daughter named him.  No name yet for the mare.  smokey, my gelding is making himself the guardian of the pair and they seem to think he is an OK guy because they stick around him.    Pics of both will be posted when i have time.  should hear this week about the job I interviewed for.  Getting hotter.  As 1st man reported it is hot and hotter and hottest, but hey, there is always Air conditioner until that poops out.  I expect it too as the unit is close to 20 years old.  gotta start saving money for a new system one of these days.

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