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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

another day and the brit. . . .well

Well the blog from the Brit ( or maybe he's welsh) anyway he did not tell the ending of the movie and I hate it when I don't know the endings.  I'll have to fuss at him.

I read 1st man's blog yesterday and decided that I have not a creative bone in my body!!!!!  And it's really awful that he is so creative and makes such cool things and I do not.  I's almost like rubbing my face in my inability to be creative!  It's like that new show that has crafty folk doing crafty things on TV.  I won't watch it because I'll be sad.  wish I could do that stuff.  In fact, I have a drawer full of scrapbooking stuff and I've never opened that drawer since I bought it and put it there.  See, no creative juices flowing in these veins.

Now, read . . . . that's my thing.  I have close to 200 books on my kindle and that's since last June 2011.  so, I do read . . . a lot . . . .a really really lot.  I used to tell people I 'ate books'. 

Just NOT crafty stuff.  And always tell me the movie endings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still don't know what I'm doing

On Saturday I got 10 feathered out keets.  they are in the cage getting acclimated.  Canned more pickles and canned some green tomato pickles (will let you now later how they turned out)  Cukes are pooping out in the garden but the okra is coming in and I'll soon be canning that.  Even the tomatoes are looking a little worse for wear but still producing.  the potatoes I took to my daughters were cooked and they said they were delicious.  They want MORE!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, ladies, not until fall ones come in. 

son taking an nursing test today but we don't now the outcome. 

I interviewed for a job yesterday at a catholic school (I'm a heathen), and it's only part-time and only pays 16,200 per year.  It's looking like it's that or 72,000 per year in Alaska.  The only drawback about Alaska is that it's Alaska!!!  Who would take care of the chicks and keets and garden and newly planted trees and the house and the dog and. . . . . . .?  Maybe Luling will come through with an offer, and then again, maybe not.  Right now I'm earning lots more with the contract gig but I don't know how long it'll last.  My, my, too many decisions to make and none of them are in my bailiwick. 

Daughter is cleaning out her garage and I'm getting some really nice steel shelving units and some bird netting for my fig trees and some rocks and anything else she doesn't want to keep.  Lucky me!!!

I think the gadget where others can blog me is fixed . . . but then again. . . . I don't know what I'm doing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is 'move the bales day'.  I have a friend who is driving down to shift some of the old bales in my barn.  It's due for a clean-out and the hay shift is first.  then I'll hire the little unsuspecting kid down the road and have him shift the barn 'soil' to the yard and then all will be clean for . . oh. . .another several years.  In the meantime i mowed the lawn yesterday.  Now I'm watering the new trees planted this spring because I'VE NOT GOTTEN ANY RAIN!  I haven't cleaned the house yet and the floors are getting really grotty but I will refuse to do this chore until Jack is safely back in Seattle because he is still in the house during the heat of the day and his "Jack hair' is all over everything.  Got 10 more guinea keets yesterday to add to my squad of 'grasshopper' eaters.  A necessity during the summer.    I do wish I had some more creativity so that I could make my house as cute as the 1st man's.  alas.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I were smarter about doing this blog stuff.  I want the most recent post to show up but as of yet I'm too techno challenged to figure out how to do this.  My "techno friend" keeps trying to help but dear 1st man is losing the battle with my challenges.  Bless him for trying! 

The garden is quickly going down the "hot as hell" hill but the cukes are going along nicely.  So nicely in fact, that I am losing my mind what with picking and canning and watering every night.  I think it's about time to rip out the rest of the plants and give me and them a well deserved rest.

Well, Jack is going to go back to his 'real' mom in Seattle.  Jack is an Alaskan dog and as such really is suffering from the Texas heat so going 'home' seems to be the best option for him.  He will have a great life there in the cool and his mom loves the outdoors so he will have plenty of running to do.  I'll take him next saturday to the austin airport an send him on his way to COOL.

One of my granddogs was killed yesterday and I'll miss him

I have another interview on Monday with a parochial school in the next city over.  Would be nice teaching 5 - 8 grade history.  Will let you know whether I'll be getting any of the jobs I interview for.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blowing wind (everyone else got the rain) knocked down another snag on my dead pecan tree and really did a number on the fence.  something else to repair!  Put up dill cukes and some beets from the garden and finally put up the pineapple jam I found the recipe for.  Soon the okra ought to be coming on and I can get it started.  The tomatoes are doing very well and I might try to put up some green pickled tomatoes.  Sounds ghastly but I may try it for something different. 

I am going to mow the lawn today and am going to try to get the kid down the road to do the weeding.  I can mow because it is sitting but the weeding is not my cuppa.

Figs are looking very good and quite prolific.  don't know yet what I'll do with those other than fig/strawberry jam.  Maybe just can some for preserves. 

The heat of summer is here for sure.  Over 100 yesterday.  I get home and water the garden, leaving the hose running while I go inside.  Then out to feed the dogs, cat and chickens (ought to start getting eggs soon), then pick the garden and go inside to can in the AC.  Oh, I have squash going sorta well.  I at least get to eat some every other day. 

Waiting for fall and lower temps

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I just read the brit's blog about getting revenge upon a driver by leaving a bag of dog poo on the car hood.  I do love that.  I have often done similar things and have felt good at the 'passive' revenge I felt.  I think revenge feels better when passively done. 

I am still picking LOTS of cukes and every day and canning them, either sweet or dilled.  Today I am going to the store to pick up some peppers to make some of the dills a little spicy.  We'll see how those turn out and whether the fam likes them.  The nurse boy really likes the bread and butter pickles so I'm making some of those too. 

I bought some beautiful peonies for my daughters the last weekend and they were sure nice.  Wish we could grow them here.

Was going to buy some keets but have decided against those.  The chicks are growing quite fast and should be laying soon.  The little horse is doing nicely and seems to enjoy the farm.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Been canning like crazy.  at least 4 pints of cukes per day and I've dried tomatoes for my daughter and canned potatoes.  My g'daughter was at the farm last weekend and we dug the potatoes, peeled them and she cut them up.  She said it would be good practice for dicing humans if the time ever came!!!  Went to Austin to deliver grands because they will be going to the water park with their auntie.   bought and put up shelves to hold my canning.  I put it in the corner of my bedroom because there is no room in the closet any longer.  too many jars.  Now that the potatoes are dug I intend to plant a little cherry pepper that my daughter wants me to pickle.  Squash is doing well and the okra is coming on and will be ready for the first pick in about a week or two.  I've gotten a new mare and her baby.  Appaloosas with really nice blankets.  The little boy is named 'Gibson'.  don't ask why because I don't know. My daughter named him.  No name yet for the mare.  smokey, my gelding is making himself the guardian of the pair and they seem to think he is an OK guy because they stick around him.    Pics of both will be posted when i have time.  should hear this week about the job I interviewed for.  Getting hotter.  As 1st man reported it is hot and hotter and hottest, but hey, there is always Air conditioner until that poops out.  I expect it too as the unit is close to 20 years old.  gotta start saving money for a new system one of these days.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Picked cukes and dilled them yesterday.  four jars of . . .If I pick every day then they are small enough to make really good dills.  The tomatoes are doing well and I am going to dry them.  i did can 4 jars but I want to dry some too.  The kids have put in their orders for the taste of the dills and both want garlic and some peppers in the dills so I will do those for them.  Me, I just want plain dills, no peppers.  I really watered the garden well last saturday and the plants already are putting on more buds.  I'm gonna dig potatoes this week because my g'daughter is coming to visit for a week.  I also want to get some more peaches while she is here and put up about 6 jars of jam and some peaches in light syrup.  she said she wanted to learn to do some of this stuff, so I'm gonna oblige her.  Maybe she can come to work with me one or two days and ???    Haven't heard from any of the schools I applied to for counseling positions but I really don't expect too.  for some reason people believe that at 69 you are too old to breathe on your own, much less to work.

Wasn' it great to see elizabeth on the Thames.  I remember watching her coronation in 53 and now she has been on the throne for 60 years.  I think that's worth going down the river for!!!!  Good-o for her.  may she reign for another 40 years.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I finally got done with all the little jobs I had to do. I took Nudles to the vet for her shot and Jack went along to get his HeartPro shot.  Pollie went along for the ride and I think just to go 'nannananan at the other dogs because she did not have anything done.  went to town to deposit checks, bought everyone a little bit at the local sonic, then drove past some of the oil wells in the neighborhood.  then to a friends to pick up some dill.  Spent a long time talking with her about every topic under the rainbow and having a great old time doing so.  I think I want to buy one of her mares and her colt.  then came home and dilled 3 quarts and 1 pint of pickles and then watered the garden.  but now that it's done I can blog.  that's all folks!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, today and yesterday and probably next week too I'm shredding stuff at work.  I work contract work for a seismic company in my area.  and now they have me shredding all the old documents from their last job.  I am having a great time, not shredding, but knowing that I am getting great mulch for between the rows of my garden!!!  Free.  I use to get it from behind the police station but they are now shredding and then compacting their papers so I have no access, and as a result I have no shred.  But now I'm shredding and I'll have it all, all it tell you.  It'll be mine and mine alone, no sharing with anyone.  Yippee.   . . . . . . Oh my heavens, someone stop this giddy feeling.  I'm just so tickled.  I've added several blogs that I look at daily and many don't write daily.  I understand that others have jobs  . . . . .and a life (a real one), but I really enjoy seeing what others are doing in the world.  I especially enjoy the brit sites because 'they talk so funny'!!!!!  Bet that'll elicit comments.  enjoy your world today, after all you DID wake up on the right side of the grass!!!!!!!