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Monday, August 6, 2012

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing since I can't find out how to do things on this blog place.  I love reading others blogs though.  I did find my camera but then couldn't find the cord that allowed me to transfer the pics.  Oh well, I have this basket of plugs and stuff but can never find which one I need. 
Had such a wonderful weekend.
My chicken are learning how to get back into the chicken yard  . all except this one little bugger who thinks she should NOT be a part of the flock.  she never goes in and I'm afraid the coyotes or foxes will get her.  I keep trying to herd her into the yard and so does Pollie,  the blonde chihuahua.  Pollie runs after the flock and they all run pell-mell for the yard.  all except for the one!!  I need a good name for the one though, I can't keep calling her 'the one'. 
did clean up all the trash and burned it yesterday and put down black plastic and am going to solarize an old garden plot.  Want to use it this winter for maybe a large crop of ? ? ?  something.  I also bought some dent corn seed for next years plant.  Can then feed it or grind it into cornmeal. 
today when I go home I will plant some cuke seed and maybe some beets and maybe some sugar snaps, for the fall season.  Need to get some potatoes into the ground to but I need to go to the store to get some seed potatoes.

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