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Thursday, May 31, 2012

From the Butterick book:

did you know?
     You can add years to your linoleum by varnishing it yearly?
     Attach the clothespin bag to your waist and you 'll have easy access.
     If your victrola becomes scratched, use a brush and put on iodine then buff.
     When setting a mousetrap, boil the trap.  Mice don't like the smell of their kind
     "My children will spend hours playing the 'talking machine, and I put pictures on the records so they would know what the record was about.
     Mirrors should never be hung in the sun.  A mirror exposed to direct sunlight for some time becomes cloudy.

I have laughed at these ideas and then pondered the fact that in that day and time (1927) these were like the Heloise Hints of today.  I'll put more in later, if I can get off the floor from laughing!

My other chi is named 'Nudles'.  so in Czech I have two dogs named 'noodle soup'.  I once had a third chi named slepitza meaning 'chicken'.  chicken noodle soup!!  But chicken was given to a good friend who loved her.  anyway, nudles was my first chi and she is a 1/2 sister to Pollie who was born 6 months later than nudles.  Nudles is my 'brave little soldier'.  She attacks the cow when she comes too close to the fence and attacks the horse when he wanders into the yard.  she also chases birds from the yard but she leaves the guineas and the chickens in the yard without attacking.  she also stands up to Jack and Two-Vir (more about him later) when she feels they are too close to me!  At the first sound outside of 'something', she races outside yapping at the top of her voice.  sometimes she chases and sometimes she stays on the porch and yaps.  All the while, her sister , Pollie is inside the house (usually in her sleeping bag or under the couch pillows) and Pollie is yapping too.  Pollie has no idea of what she is yapping about, she just likes for everyone to know that, she too, is 'on guard'.   Nudles claims everything as hers and all the animals knows to stay away from  'her' objects.  she follows me everywhere and is so loyal.  she is 14 yoa and Pollie is about the same.  I don't know what I'll do when she dies.

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