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Monday, June 4, 2012

Picked cukes and dilled them yesterday.  four jars of . . .If I pick every day then they are small enough to make really good dills.  The tomatoes are doing well and I am going to dry them.  i did can 4 jars but I want to dry some too.  The kids have put in their orders for the taste of the dills and both want garlic and some peppers in the dills so I will do those for them.  Me, I just want plain dills, no peppers.  I really watered the garden well last saturday and the plants already are putting on more buds.  I'm gonna dig potatoes this week because my g'daughter is coming to visit for a week.  I also want to get some more peaches while she is here and put up about 6 jars of jam and some peaches in light syrup.  she said she wanted to learn to do some of this stuff, so I'm gonna oblige her.  Maybe she can come to work with me one or two days and ???    Haven't heard from any of the schools I applied to for counseling positions but I really don't expect too.  for some reason people believe that at 69 you are too old to breathe on your own, much less to work.

Wasn' it great to see elizabeth on the Thames.  I remember watching her coronation in 53 and now she has been on the throne for 60 years.  I think that's worth going down the river for!!!!  Good-o for her.  may she reign for another 40 years.

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