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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well the other day I had been canning and I wanted to show you what I'd put up, or at least a bit of what we'd put up.  this is some of the spaghetti sauce we put up.  12 pints in all.  Then we put up 8 quarts of ground beef and 10 pints.  Yummy eating in the future.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well, I got fussed this morning about not blogging.  Seriously I'm gonna do this.  But . . . . I don't think I have that much to say.  I'm not crafty and only can but EVERYONE cans, what interest is that.  I also garden but so does everyone else.  I have animals but so do everyone else.  So what's to read.  Unlike 1st man, I do not have cool projects.  Unlike my welsh blogger I am not nearly so funny.  But . . . . .  I'm gonna try.  I'm gonna be the best blogger . . . . . I promise.   (I think)
I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing since I can't find out how to do things on this blog place.  I love reading others blogs though.  I did find my camera but then couldn't find the cord that allowed me to transfer the pics.  Oh well, I have this basket of plugs and stuff but can never find which one I need. 
Had such a wonderful weekend.
My chicken are learning how to get back into the chicken yard  . all except this one little bugger who thinks she should NOT be a part of the flock.  she never goes in and I'm afraid the coyotes or foxes will get her.  I keep trying to herd her into the yard and so does Pollie,  the blonde chihuahua.  Pollie runs after the flock and they all run pell-mell for the yard.  all except for the one!!  I need a good name for the one though, I can't keep calling her 'the one'. 
did clean up all the trash and burned it yesterday and put down black plastic and am going to solarize an old garden plot.  Want to use it this winter for maybe a large crop of ? ? ?  something.  I also bought some dent corn seed for next years plant.  Can then feed it or grind it into cornmeal. 
today when I go home I will plant some cuke seed and maybe some beets and maybe some sugar snaps, for the fall season.  Need to get some potatoes into the ground to but I need to go to the store to get some seed potatoes.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My son just left the farm for home and another work week.  We had a great time just doing little things and canning.  He picked up some organic beef in Katy on the way up and we canned most of it and wrapped some for fresh.  I made a wonderful spaghetti sauce and canned it.  I'm pressuring my last three jars.  when purchasing some jars my dil had a man ask her what she was canning and she told him her mil canned.  He wanted to now whether I would sell some of my stuff.  Well, I only can for my family but I thought what could it hurt to sell a little.  so I called the man and he wanted five jars of various stuff and I decided to sell it to him.  He seemed really pleased to get it.  And no I'd not sell it just to anyone.  We did put up another shelf system so I could put more of the canned goods in one place rather than all over the kitchen. 

I had thought to post a pic but I cant seem to find my camera.  Typical.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

another day and the brit. . . .well

Well the blog from the Brit ( or maybe he's welsh) anyway he did not tell the ending of the movie and I hate it when I don't know the endings.  I'll have to fuss at him.

I read 1st man's blog yesterday and decided that I have not a creative bone in my body!!!!!  And it's really awful that he is so creative and makes such cool things and I do not.  I's almost like rubbing my face in my inability to be creative!  It's like that new show that has crafty folk doing crafty things on TV.  I won't watch it because I'll be sad.  wish I could do that stuff.  In fact, I have a drawer full of scrapbooking stuff and I've never opened that drawer since I bought it and put it there.  See, no creative juices flowing in these veins.

Now, read . . . . that's my thing.  I have close to 200 books on my kindle and that's since last June 2011.  so, I do read . . . a lot . . . .a really really lot.  I used to tell people I 'ate books'. 

Just NOT crafty stuff.  And always tell me the movie endings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still don't know what I'm doing

On Saturday I got 10 feathered out keets.  they are in the cage getting acclimated.  Canned more pickles and canned some green tomato pickles (will let you now later how they turned out)  Cukes are pooping out in the garden but the okra is coming in and I'll soon be canning that.  Even the tomatoes are looking a little worse for wear but still producing.  the potatoes I took to my daughters were cooked and they said they were delicious.  They want MORE!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, ladies, not until fall ones come in. 

son taking an nursing test today but we don't now the outcome. 

I interviewed for a job yesterday at a catholic school (I'm a heathen), and it's only part-time and only pays 16,200 per year.  It's looking like it's that or 72,000 per year in Alaska.  The only drawback about Alaska is that it's Alaska!!!  Who would take care of the chicks and keets and garden and newly planted trees and the house and the dog and. . . . . . .?  Maybe Luling will come through with an offer, and then again, maybe not.  Right now I'm earning lots more with the contract gig but I don't know how long it'll last.  My, my, too many decisions to make and none of them are in my bailiwick. 

Daughter is cleaning out her garage and I'm getting some really nice steel shelving units and some bird netting for my fig trees and some rocks and anything else she doesn't want to keep.  Lucky me!!!

I think the gadget where others can blog me is fixed . . . but then again. . . . I don't know what I'm doing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is 'move the bales day'.  I have a friend who is driving down to shift some of the old bales in my barn.  It's due for a clean-out and the hay shift is first.  then I'll hire the little unsuspecting kid down the road and have him shift the barn 'soil' to the yard and then all will be clean for . . oh. . .another several years.  In the meantime i mowed the lawn yesterday.  Now I'm watering the new trees planted this spring because I'VE NOT GOTTEN ANY RAIN!  I haven't cleaned the house yet and the floors are getting really grotty but I will refuse to do this chore until Jack is safely back in Seattle because he is still in the house during the heat of the day and his "Jack hair' is all over everything.  Got 10 more guinea keets yesterday to add to my squad of 'grasshopper' eaters.  A necessity during the summer.    I do wish I had some more creativity so that I could make my house as cute as the 1st man's.  alas.