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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

another day and the brit. . . .well

Well the blog from the Brit ( or maybe he's welsh) anyway he did not tell the ending of the movie and I hate it when I don't know the endings.  I'll have to fuss at him.

I read 1st man's blog yesterday and decided that I have not a creative bone in my body!!!!!  And it's really awful that he is so creative and makes such cool things and I do not.  I's almost like rubbing my face in my inability to be creative!  It's like that new show that has crafty folk doing crafty things on TV.  I won't watch it because I'll be sad.  wish I could do that stuff.  In fact, I have a drawer full of scrapbooking stuff and I've never opened that drawer since I bought it and put it there.  See, no creative juices flowing in these veins.

Now, read . . . . that's my thing.  I have close to 200 books on my kindle and that's since last June 2011.  so, I do read . . . a lot . . . .a really really lot.  I used to tell people I 'ate books'. 

Just NOT crafty stuff.  And always tell me the movie endings.

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