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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still don't know what I'm doing

On Saturday I got 10 feathered out keets.  they are in the cage getting acclimated.  Canned more pickles and canned some green tomato pickles (will let you now later how they turned out)  Cukes are pooping out in the garden but the okra is coming in and I'll soon be canning that.  Even the tomatoes are looking a little worse for wear but still producing.  the potatoes I took to my daughters were cooked and they said they were delicious.  They want MORE!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, ladies, not until fall ones come in. 

son taking an nursing test today but we don't now the outcome. 

I interviewed for a job yesterday at a catholic school (I'm a heathen), and it's only part-time and only pays 16,200 per year.  It's looking like it's that or 72,000 per year in Alaska.  The only drawback about Alaska is that it's Alaska!!!  Who would take care of the chicks and keets and garden and newly planted trees and the house and the dog and. . . . . . .?  Maybe Luling will come through with an offer, and then again, maybe not.  Right now I'm earning lots more with the contract gig but I don't know how long it'll last.  My, my, too many decisions to make and none of them are in my bailiwick. 

Daughter is cleaning out her garage and I'm getting some really nice steel shelving units and some bird netting for my fig trees and some rocks and anything else she doesn't want to keep.  Lucky me!!!

I think the gadget where others can blog me is fixed . . . but then again. . . . I don't know what I'm doing!

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