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Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I were smarter about doing this blog stuff.  I want the most recent post to show up but as of yet I'm too techno challenged to figure out how to do this.  My "techno friend" keeps trying to help but dear 1st man is losing the battle with my challenges.  Bless him for trying! 

The garden is quickly going down the "hot as hell" hill but the cukes are going along nicely.  So nicely in fact, that I am losing my mind what with picking and canning and watering every night.  I think it's about time to rip out the rest of the plants and give me and them a well deserved rest.

Well, Jack is going to go back to his 'real' mom in Seattle.  Jack is an Alaskan dog and as such really is suffering from the Texas heat so going 'home' seems to be the best option for him.  He will have a great life there in the cool and his mom loves the outdoors so he will have plenty of running to do.  I'll take him next saturday to the austin airport an send him on his way to COOL.

One of my granddogs was killed yesterday and I'll miss him

I have another interview on Monday with a parochial school in the next city over.  Would be nice teaching 5 - 8 grade history.  Will let you know whether I'll be getting any of the jobs I interview for.

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