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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is 'move the bales day'.  I have a friend who is driving down to shift some of the old bales in my barn.  It's due for a clean-out and the hay shift is first.  then I'll hire the little unsuspecting kid down the road and have him shift the barn 'soil' to the yard and then all will be clean for . . oh. . .another several years.  In the meantime i mowed the lawn yesterday.  Now I'm watering the new trees planted this spring because I'VE NOT GOTTEN ANY RAIN!  I haven't cleaned the house yet and the floors are getting really grotty but I will refuse to do this chore until Jack is safely back in Seattle because he is still in the house during the heat of the day and his "Jack hair' is all over everything.  Got 10 more guinea keets yesterday to add to my squad of 'grasshopper' eaters.  A necessity during the summer.    I do wish I had some more creativity so that I could make my house as cute as the 1st man's.  alas.

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