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Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, today and yesterday and probably next week too I'm shredding stuff at work.  I work contract work for a seismic company in my area.  and now they have me shredding all the old documents from their last job.  I am having a great time, not shredding, but knowing that I am getting great mulch for between the rows of my garden!!!  Free.  I use to get it from behind the police station but they are now shredding and then compacting their papers so I have no access, and as a result I have no shred.  But now I'm shredding and I'll have it all, all it tell you.  It'll be mine and mine alone, no sharing with anyone.  Yippee.   . . . . . . Oh my heavens, someone stop this giddy feeling.  I'm just so tickled.  I've added several blogs that I look at daily and many don't write daily.  I understand that others have jobs  . . . . .and a life (a real one), but I really enjoy seeing what others are doing in the world.  I especially enjoy the brit sites because 'they talk so funny'!!!!!  Bet that'll elicit comments.  enjoy your world today, after all you DID wake up on the right side of the grass!!!!!!!

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