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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My son just left the farm for home and another work week.  We had a great time just doing little things and canning.  He picked up some organic beef in Katy on the way up and we canned most of it and wrapped some for fresh.  I made a wonderful spaghetti sauce and canned it.  I'm pressuring my last three jars.  when purchasing some jars my dil had a man ask her what she was canning and she told him her mil canned.  He wanted to now whether I would sell some of my stuff.  Well, I only can for my family but I thought what could it hurt to sell a little.  so I called the man and he wanted five jars of various stuff and I decided to sell it to him.  He seemed really pleased to get it.  And no I'd not sell it just to anyone.  We did put up another shelf system so I could put more of the canned goods in one place rather than all over the kitchen. 

I had thought to post a pic but I cant seem to find my camera.  Typical.

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