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Friday, May 25, 2012

First day, first blog.  I am accustomed to writing a journal but this seems to be the rage these days and I want to rage too.  At 69 yoa, I feel I am heading to somewhere but I just don't know where that might be hence the title of this blog.  I really enjoy reading others blogs and on some I laugh like crazy so maybe I can contribute to making someone else's day as laughable as some have made mine.
I named my farm Stargate Farm when I first purchased my 45 acres because living here after moving from Houston felt like I was moving to a 'different world'.  It still feels that way almost 20 years later. 

For the last four years I have worked in Alaska, in two small Eskimo 'bush villages' accessable only by plane or boat.  I was there during the drought of 2009 when I lost most of my trees and one 'beautiful' huge peach tree.  that drought even killed an old native pecan tree in the paddock.

My farm used to be cultivated for soy and corn but now I only have Jiggs and Tifton planted.  I have 1 old horse (cantankerous), three totally useless donkey's (they like to eat bananas and vanilla wafers), one borrowed bull (don't know yet whether he has played with the girls or not), 5 cows, four old ones and one that is my 'lesbian' (named Motyl (butterfly), age 15 years.  Two big outdoor dogs, (one from alaska) and two very yappy chihuahua's.  I have 20 buff orpington chicks and two lovely guinea's.  I plan to get some more keets soon.

I am an old lady.  I have two new knees, mostly lab teeth and a new eye thingy (cataract).  I am too fat and I need to lose weight but . . . . .  (enough on that subject).  I have a daughter who is a Travis county sherriff's officer, a son who is a nurse and another son who is (the black sheep and I haven't talked to him in nearly 20 years).  One younger sister and one older brother.  I like genealogy and money.  I am working a contract part-time gig in a small community about 20 miles away and I hope to be working through September but there's no tellin' when I'll lose out on this job.  Have applied to three schools as a counselor but I think they'll not hire me because I'm too 'old' in their minds.

Since I'm just learning how to blog I hope to experiment with photos tomorrow.


  1. Hi dindin, welcome aboard the blogging train! Very much enjoyed this, your first post. Found you over on John Gray's blog. Isn't he a hoot. Good luck to you in everything you wrote about. I will be 76 this year. Can't do gardening like I used to, and since nature decided to turn up the heat. Can't do hot weather any more.

  2. thank you dindin ( and barbee of course) welcome to blog land and a big croeso ( welcome in welsh) from North Wales

  3. Hi dindin....anyone who reads John's blog is a bit nice to meet you!!
    Jane x

  4. Gracious, three replies. I am so pleased. Not that I have anything of interest except to me, but maybe . . . . . and yes, thanks jane and chris, John does seem to have a bit of . . . uh , . . .ummm . . . well yes he does, doesn't he?

    Barbee I wish you were able to get out more but I am fast approaching your situation. I did ask my knee surgeon how soon I had to wait to have a whole body replacement. He looked at me like I was crazy but, hey I'm all for it.

  5. Hey hey!! Welcome to the blog world! You have a great start, thank you for sharing that back story. Love the stories of the animals. Can't wait to have some of our own someday. OH, and "Stargate Farm"? OMG, awesome name! Love it.

    If you need any help, or get stuck on something, you have my email, don't hesitate to write me!!