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Saturday, May 26, 2012

got up just after the crack and sprayed my grass around the garden with vinegar and orange oil.  will work for a few weeks but it works and naturally too.  got the pup ready to get her arthritis shot from vet, went past feed store and got feed.  chores done, well I've still got to pick garden this evening during the cool.  saw a giant club of a cuke when I was spraying so I'm still missing some. 

fixig rice right now.  shoud be watching it so I don't burn it.  Leads me to a family story.  We are cajun partly and we like our rice.  My brother always cooked the rice in his family but always ended up burning it.  His wife decided that enough was enough and she wasn't gonna take it anymore so she found this "new" product for my bro and brought it home.  It was called 'dat dat ta da dddddaaaaa'  SUCCESS RICE.  In a mesh packet, you just put it in a pot of boiling water and pulled it out when ready.  No more burned rice . . . . . . except, later she smelled burning rice and rushed to the kitchen.  Seems bro just left it and the water boiled out and the rice in it's nice plastic mesh bag had burned so badly that she had to throw away her pot along with the burned rice.  and so it went!!!!!

No wind this morning and there is always wind on the top of my hill.  found out there are 20 pads in my little area ready for oil drilling.  Nothing on my farm yet and I WANT a WELL.  Guess my running out to the gate naked waving my arms to try to get the rig trucks to stop at my place hasn't worked.  I wonder why??????

got to figure out how to post pics.  Chore for the day.  Bye

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