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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The weekend was long.  I read all of these blogs that everyone really likes and puts on their blog site and it struck me that many of the bloggers are gay.  Interesting that my girls are gay but I usually hear from only their friends and their opinions.  I enjoy reading others opinions and ideas and am really glad that I stumbled onto this site.  Found another one today, the guys live in Michigan and one drives a hearse! 

Jack the alaskan dog barked all last night and since he sleeps on the porch I heard him VERY clearly.  I finally got tired of it and yelled at him and, guess what, he was quiet the rest of the night.  Jack is a very weird pup.  when my roomie in alaska came home one day and said would I mind her getting a pup, I told her everyone needed a pup of their own (I have the two chihuahua's).  she made the decision to get the pup and brought him home. (TWo weeks later the mother and all the rest of the pups were dead)  He was the cutest bundle of white fluff and he was constantly being harassed by the chi's who absolutely did not believe that other pups ought to be allowed in their house.  When roomie came home to Seattle she brought Jack but could not find an apt to allow that large of a pup so she sent him to the farm to live.  Jack is BIG and hairy.  And hen I say hairy I mean hairy.  I allowed him into the house until he got used to the farm and the amount of hair that dog dropped was just unbelievable!   so, he now lives outside at least most of the time.  I have one of those screens that you see advertised on TV (you tack it to the door frame and when you go in or out it snaps back together with magnets) and Jack makes regular use of it.  when he comes in he will sneak into the kitchen (he is a counter surfer) and when told to get out, he backs up two or three feet where you can't see him and lays down.  when you see him again and tell him to get out he does the same thing.  He can't hide though because his nemesis the chi's bark at him and EVERYONE knows he is still inside.  He is so funny.  I worry about him in the summer heat.  during the 'snowstorm of the century' in alaska he would stay outside even during the snowstorm and would survey his domain from the top of a HUGE pile of snow.  He loved his snow mountain.

I wonder if one day some mother with a child that is gay will even think about it.  I hope she will only think in terms of LOVE!!!!

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