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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Been getting a few things in the mail lately.  Ordered these items.  One came yesterday.  I had read on one of these logs about the Butterick book of Recipes and Household hints.  Started reading it (published in 1927) and was laughing because most of the hints and recipes were the same hints and recipes were exactly identical to the ones we hear so often today.   Things like don't eat read meat more than three times per week, buy skim milk instead of whole, eat fruit twice per day, by whole grain cereal, eat butter not margarine, use moderate amounts of sugar, etc.  I find this funny as we always feel that we've "discovered" the right way to do things.  Taint so folks, what's been discovered was done so years before us.

Picked the garden again last evening and watered.  We need a little rain as the yard is cracking again.  Mowed the lawn.  Daughter is going to meet me and is going to have me to dinner.  Wonder what she wants?? 

The big news around the farm is that oil and gas wells are being drilled at an incredible rate and that rate should pick up in the future.  I'm still waiting for my well to be dug.  A deep 3_D seismic is going to be shot over the next year or two and I'm hoping they find a HUGE pool of oil under my place.  I'd have the money to do . . . . . Of course I'd have lots of sleepless nights because the drilling rigs are big and lit up.  I bet the space station could see the lights!!!!

Polefka (soup in Czech language), called Pollie is one of my chi's.  She is the scaredy cat, couch potato chi.  always has been.  when I first went to pick her out Henry (breeder) handed her to me at two weeks (eyes barely open) and she growled.  Yep, growled at me.  I laughed so hard and knew she was the one for me.  Pollie is peculiar to say the least.  she will jump in your lap but when you start to pet her she will balk and sometime she bites, but she really wants to be loved and petted.  she just can't get over her scaredness.  don't know why.  she's never been hurt or abused or hit but she is still so scared.  She is also a hidey hole couch potato.  Her favorite place is under the covers or the pillows or the blanket.  In fact when you sit down on the couch you really have to check whether you'll be sitting on Pollie because 9 out of 10 times, . . .you will be.  My daughter sent her a present when we were in alaska.  A sleeping bag, just her size.  when I opened the package and put it down she promptly crawled inside and made herself to home.  It has become her favorite location.  when I have to wash the bag she is not happy and when I take it from the dryer she crawls inside the nice warm bag and goes to sleep.

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